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Yoga fails and acceptance

I’ve actually been enjoying my yoga classes. I focus on doing it well rather than being the best. Our teacher (who does all our classes) is very technical in all she does. She wants us to do it right. This is exactly what I need! I have realised that although I thought I was ‘very flexible’ I am ‘very flexible at certain places’. I use that flexibility to cheat my way into all kinds of positions, but that hasn’t been doing anything for my whole body – just over working and over stretching certain bits.

On Thursday, I was focusing on doing it right. Upward facing dog, push up through the hands, roll the toes over and into downward facing dog. Push down through the hands and fingers… I didn’t realise my toes had rolled off the back of the mat and whoosh! My pushing down through the fingers sent my mat flying forward and my toes stuck in place. I managed to fall flat on my face in a static yoga pose. Surely that is an accomplishment!

I am still looking at buying a wet weather jacket and running backpack for Glow Worm. Its a jungle out there! By ‘out there’ I mean on the Internet, buying a jacket. In desperation I wrote to the race organisers asking what they actually mean by ‘waterproof’ and could I just cut a hole in a bin liner to poke over my head? No. No, apparently that isn’t ok.

I repaired to YouTube to check out reviews of jackets – hoping to find the right one. And then I found this review.

Halp! I might stick to the roads. Forever.


Yoga with kids

I have taken the plunge and enrolled in a yoga class. I must say I am quite enjoying the challenge. I like where I am in the class – kind of good, but clearly have room to improve significantly.

Also – there is a really long relaxy bit at the end where you get a good lie down with nothing to do but breathe in, out and a bit of auuuuuuuuum.

I put on an iPad yoga session this morning for to do while the kids were playing. Immediately my daughter declared that she does yoga at preschool and joined in. I was roundly impressed by her poses.

My son started well with the “corpse pose” (lying down), but things degenerated pretty quickly after he stated asking for yogurt.