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My January Run

Those gaps at the beginning don’t look too good!

January Running
105.92 kilometers, Sydney to Albion Flats

Feels good to register a nice round number on Nike+ despite the technical setbacks and being sick.

(Just ignore the fact that Tiff is still ahead).



Winning at Technology

Today marks quite a few #fails that I am turning into #wins. I was still feeling a bit sick this morning, but I managed to get myself to work and I managed to get myself to the gym at lunchtime.

My first technology fail was the discovery that I hadn’t brought a towel. Never mind – I had a spare tshirt that would serve. Note to self: a spare tshirt is NOT adequate as a towel. Ew.

On the treadmill, I set my Nike+ to 5.5kms in an effort to get closet to clearing 100kms on Nike+ for January.

Because I am awesome, I decided to do this in 2 chunks of interval training – the first at level 2 and the next at level 1.


I did a whole 20 minute interval session WITHOUT banging into the big red button. Woo! I as busy celebrating this triumph when I realised that I had run into my 2nd technology #fail – I forgot to restart Nike+ until half a k into my 2nd set of intervals. But since I had wanted to get my K’s up on Nike+ I went ahead and clocked not 5 but 6 kms for a grand total of 6.5kms. I turned a #fail into a #win.

Oh and my most AWESOME win of the day? I stepped on the scales and recoded 76.3kgs – now THERE is the reading I wanted on Tuesday.

Fully Sick













I spent today fully sick. Not just as in “I rocked” but as in “I spent most of the day in bed”.

I was completely depleted and it took some courage to be able to work up to breakfast (avocado on toast).

After taking it easy and sleeping quite a lot of the day away, my partner and I took the kids for a walk to the park. I am determined to be able to beat my “100 kms in January” goal, so I tried a run.

Oh dear. What a challenge. I was slow. I was ungainly, and I hated every second of it. But I did manage 3.5 kms. This is 3.5 km more than I thought I could do. So that is a definite win.


This knee-sweat is the proof I am winning


On a related note, I have noticed that when I wear these shorts I get weirdly sweaty knees. Anyone else sweat in the knee region?

I am going to take it easy for the rest of the evening and treat myself to a protein smoothie with berries. Hopefully this will help me recover enough to smash my run tomorrow.

twelveweekstome: If you continuously see the negatives in…


If you continuously see the negatives in yourself and focusing on them you will find yourself never being happy. You can be happy with yourself and still be improving and bettering yourself to be healthier at the same time. It will make the journey much more pleasant and enjoyable, because as you improve you will keep noticing new things you like about yourself. 

Say something positive

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Struggling to #win

#WeekofWin is off to a rocky start with me feeling rather upset in the tummy. I was going ok until I went for a 5.5km run and just felt awful afterwards.

The run itself was actually fun. I chose the “interval” program. This adjusts the incline up and down every few minutes. Even though it has a baseline of zero incline, it was good to not be in control and to have the intensity be a surprise.

After my run, I stepped on the scales and found that my weight had not budged an inch. Bleagh. That is so demoralising.

Anyway, I am determined to win this week despite being sick. I committed to a friend to try and smash 100 kms running in January. I have 11.5 mms to do today and tomorrow to make it happen. I will I will I will.

Even though I am not feeling the best I am not using this as an excuse to eat badly. Right now, some lemonade or an icy pole would be great. But I am not going to go there.


After the weekend of #foodfail, I declare this week to be a #WeekofWin! I will take every opportunity to concentrate on the positives and find opportunities to #win. That might mean taking the stairs, that might mean getting out 20 squats when I hang out the laundry this morning. It might mean choosing salad over greasy pasta bake. This morning I didn’t get to go for a run at 6am, but that is a #win because it means I can rest my legs all day before I go for a run tonight.

I will #win and I will celebrate by tagging #WeekofWin. This week is going to be about celebrating the positives, maximising the achievements and not getting bogged down in the negatives.


I hereby enrol you to #WeekofWin with me!