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A delicious evening!

So, a friend gave us some veges

So, a friend gave us some veges

And I decided to try out my new mandolin

And I decided to try out my new mandoline

To make some tomato sauce base to freeze

To make some tomato sauce base to freeze for later

And also some Michelle Bridges stuff capsicums

And also some Michelle Bridges stuff capsicums

After feeling so depressed today, I didn’t think I could salvage the evening. But I managed to do some cooking to process some of the GIANT AMOUNT OF VEGE AND FRUIT we were given. Tomato and onion base (herbs from the garden), vege and barley soup and some nectarines poached in honey.

The capsicums may not look like much, but they were delicious. Mostly stuffed with mushroom, a chopped tomato, a little almond meal, sage and oregano (and some tasty cheese because its Saturday!) When I sliced it open the scent of herbs filled my nostrils. The texture and flavour were great and it was a very delicious meal. I even have one left for tomorrow.

Oh yes.

I tried out my new mandoline and I am in love. Just have to watch that razor in the middle.

I am mourning a little that I didn’t make anywhere near my 10, 000 steps today. Or even do any exercise. My calorie counter is looking sad – I’ve only got 74 calories up my sleeve, whereas over the last week its been more like 4-500. Oh well. I suppose this is what you get when you take a rest day!

You get a rest!

Today has also really made me think about when exactly I am going to do all this exercise and cooking I need to be doing. Which days will be my fitness and which will be my toning days? Is it reasonable to get up early or to exercise after work? How will it work in with boxing class? Should I add in pilates? (I hate pilates).

Food for thought.



I’ve been winning all day today.

Starting with a jog before breakfast, resisting FREE cupcakes at morning tea, more jogging at lunch, more cake and chocolate resistance, and finishing with a little 1k swim after work. Today has been a day of #win on the food and exercise fronts.

What’s weird to me right now is that I am not even slightly hungry right now. I had a light breakfast, my usual salad wrap at lunch and 2 apples. I have a chocolate in my bag, which I even entered into my MFP calorie counter, but I’m not reaching for it. Swimming always makes me hungry. What gives?

I feel like something somewhere, deep inside has finally started working as it should. I’m feeling fit (even though jogging still kills me and I have to talk myself through every km). I’m feeling like I am satisfied, and not constantly yearning for something else like food. I feel energetic, and not constantly needing to be topped up with a croissant.

I miss croissants.

But I feel really at peace with the idea that maybe croissants and I can spend some time apart, and you know, just see other people for a while. It doesn’t have to be permanent, we’ll leave the door open, but I don’t have any real desire to go through the door right now.

I stood today at a work morning tea (someone was leaving), surrounded by desserts, chocolates and lovely hot nibbles. I watched other people going back for seconds. I just felt like it didn’t affect me. Like it was none of my business how many cupcakes were left. I did eventually snag 2 mini samosas, because I had planned on having something, but even then, if I had missed out , it might not have mattered.

Such a strange feeling. Food and I are now living separate lives.

Salad wrap

I weighed myself in the gym again today after my jog. My weight was down again by 300grams. I realize that is only the weight of the salad wrap I ate straight afterwards. I just feel good to see the numbers go down. It’s really encouraging because I just want to rub ice cream on myself right now and it’s taking a lot of willpower not to do that.


Sydney heatwave

Are you in Sydney? Are you feeling the heatwave?

i work in an air-conditioned office in the City, so the actual day wasn’t too bad. It was actually a little cloudy and pleasant. I did my run in the gym instead of risking sunburn (which has become my summer-habit). Overall the day wasn’t bad.

However when I left the office, stepping outside was like stepping in front of God’s hairdryer. An intense, all-over, dry heat blasting us all.

It didn’t stop.

As I travelled home towards the west, the heat intensified. At home, the kids were going mental. They had been cooped up inside all day, and still overheating. Poor little things were so hot whenever I touched them. Of course no one wanted any dinner.

We went to bed early, but I find it so hard to sleep in the heat. At midnight I was still tossing and turning, hoping that if I closed my eyes one last time I would just drop off. No such luck.

At 3am it was still 33 degrees.

This $h!t is BANANAS.

p.s. I am totally tagging this post “Warm-up” in like every sense of the word


I feel completely ruined today. I’m sore from boxing. My thighs hurt. My butt hurts. My arms hurt. I HURT! I’m hungry. The lady next to me on the train is eating a packet of Smiths. I feel like grabbing them from her and, I don’t know, just rubbing them all over my face.

But I won’t. I didn’t even have a snack today.

I was so completely sore that at lunch I almost transformed my treadmill run from a jog to a walk. I was about to press the button when the gym instructor came over and said something complimentary about my dedication. I couldn’t quit after a compliment. Damn!


I did take it easy on myself. I only spent half the run between 2 & 4% incline, and the rest at 1.5%. I also had a nice long cool down walk (incline turned way up, but speed low). I even felt good enough to round out my session with some weights (arms) and leg lifts. Phew.

I weighed myself too and guess what? I am seeing results. I’m now down 0.5kg from last Friday and 1.4kg down from last Wednesday. It makes it all worthwhile to see a result. I think I once read that you shouldn’t weigh yourself every week or every day because it can fluctuate too much and give you a false idea of progress. However, I need to know I am improving. It is such a sense of accomplishment and it drives me forward, or it would if I could even walk.

Time for a long hot soak in the bath tonight!

Oh no

I have been all set to complete the 30km challenge with my lunchtime jog tomorrow. But oh no – I just realized I am starting boxing class instead! Silly me! If I can, I will do the jog before or after work, or (shock horror) I could easily knock it over if I walk to the train station and back, even though I hate hate hate doing that. It makes me all sweaty and anxious about being late for work.

I wonder what tomorrow’s challenge will be?

P.s. I am feeling hungry right now. 10:43pm. Time for a hamburger (yeah right).

Adding it up

As I near the end of the week, I have to ask myself how am I going to eat less and burn more calories? How?

I suppose this warm-up and pre-season phase is about easing into the lifestyle. Looking at the numbers makes it all seem slightly unreal, however.

The numbers aren't adding up to thin

The numbers aren’t adding up to thin

How on Earth can I possibly fix it so I have the 7000 spare cals a week to burn off a kilo? How can I do that every week? This is going to take some buckling under. I feel I went well this week, but at the end I’m tracking at losing less than half a kilo. It all seems unreal. Maybe I just need to have more days like Thursday. I need to focus on the positive.

Thursday: 700 cal deficit. If I have a whole week of Thursdays, I’m still only going to be at a 5000 cal weekly deficit – enough to lose about 0.6kg. Maybe that has to be enough to get me to the next stage. Once I can get a whole week of Thursdays, I can improve, but I need to get over that hill first and not give up.