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Back from holidays!

So, we are back from holidays!

We took a slow trip home via morning tea in Berry and lunch in Kiama.

Flying a kite in Kiama

Flying a kite in Kiama

We flew a kite & we visited a lovely little beach in Kiama where the usual rules of beachwear do not apply. There were several women at least twice my size (and one twice my age) in bikinis. Good to see them getting out there!

Tiny little bikini beach

Tiny little bikini beach

When we got home, I jumped on the scales and discovered that my weight hadn’t changed from before I left. This is really how I want life to be – I wasn’t too naughty, but I wasn’t too obsessive. I did a couple of jogs, but not every day. I didn’t lose, I didn’t gain. Life. Just. Stayed. In. Balance.

My only regret was forgetting to wear FitBit on yesterday’s 6km jog. Damn. That could cost me this weeks steps challenge!!

We had the kitchen floor polished while we were away, so immediately on getting home there was a flurry of activity – wiping everything down before starting dinner.

My floor has a tan line

My floor has a tan line


As the room was still fairly stinky from the resin, we dined al fresco on the garden table.

Quick pumpkin soup & basil pizza

Quick pumpkin soup & basil pizza

As all my herbs were still going strong after a waterless week, I was inspired to make a herby pumpkin soup and a basil pizza. The soup’s secret ingredients are balsamic vinegar, rosemary and fresh oregano. The pizza is a wholemeal pizza base, some tomato paste and basil with a light sprinkle of cheese. Fresh basil on the top once cooked. So lovely.

Unruly tomatoes

I had just enough time after putting on the pizza to do a bit of maintenance on my tomatoes. They had gone crazy in my absence. I need to do quite a bit more pruning tomorrow to get them all looking neat and easy to harvest. There are some lovely looking baby tomatoes forming. Can’t wait to do a summer tomato tart (its basically puff pastry with tiny tomatoes and herbs). Yum yum yum!


I think today is Wednesday

Across from our bungalow is a little park and play centre.


Perfect for a morning NTC session. Half an hour to a clean slate. The only worry is what cals to say I burned.


Nervermind. Off for a quick jog.

Morning tea was spent at Pavilion Cafe in Ulladulla – a cafe right on top of the kids gym that gives a free baby cupcake to every child.


We made it for coffee happy hour and scored $2.50 coffees that were not too shabby.


I admit to having 2 bites of raisin toast but I passed my Hershey Chocolate Kiss on to the boyfriend. I am feeling pretty saintly right now. After an initial couple of lapses, I’m very happy at how well I’ve held onto the diet and exercise. I even managed to clock 13k steps yesterday. Woo!

I am overdue to weigh myself this week. I might just have to skip one weigh in as I don’t have access to the awesome tanita scales I was using at work. I think it’s best to stay with the one set of scales if possible. Tomorrow is measure up day, so time to set those benchmarks.

I am looking forward to getting into the program when we get back from holidays. I got a message from Australia post that my HRM is ready to collect when I get back. Just in time to start kicking butt.

Waking up in Ulladulla

Yesterday we landed in Ulladulla – paradise on the South Coast. We are here for 4 nights, with almost nothing planned but unwinding. I have an additional agenda of “get in some exercise and don’t eat too much”.

I was pretty stoked that yesterday FitBit clocked me at of 10k steps – despite spending a considerable amount of time in the car.

Along the way we stopped at the Aviation Museum in Albion Park (which is coincidentally where I virtually ran to in January). For lunch I ordered a salad sandwich – no cheese. Omg who is this person?

This morning, waking up in Ulladulla was a treat. Nothing to do, no where to be. As much sleep as I needed!

I went out for my run a bit later than normal – about 8.15am – but that’s what holidays are right??

Breakfast 1 – whole meal toast, half a latte
Exercise: 5km run, quite slow, around the bungalow park and out across the highway twice around a lovely lakefront park.


Breakfast 2 – cornflakes, milk, other half a latte

Here is the view from our bungalow. Z calls it “my little tree house”.