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I earned that

I plugged a 5km jog into myfitnesspal, and it told me I would burn 375 calories doing that run. So if I take my faulty logic that by exercising I’ve ‘earned a treat’, what snacks does that “earn” me?

Plain croissant – 256cal. This could keep me going for a few hours, especially as I would need a nice latte to drink with it (add on 120cal). But as soon as I finished, I would probably need something else to eat.


3.5 cups of mango – 330cal. I don’t know if I could even eat 3 and a half cups of mangos! Oh but then you have to peel all those mangos. Does my laziness know no bounds?


5 apples – 325cal. I think my teeth would wear out before I ate 5 apples.


7.5 cups of strawberries (375cal). If I didn’t go bankrupt buying them, this would really keep me munching all arvo.

This puts it in perspective somewhat.