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Ever so slightly concerned for the children

I just received an email from a fitness blog I read regularly. They are launching a new service aimed at helping women get lean, strong and improve their diets. Yay!

But I read all the introductory material and just became concerned as I went through the list of involved parties and their resumes. All the coaches were just people who decided to hit the gym one day. Yes, they radically improved themselves, and are probably completely awesome at doing the exercises properly, for themselves but how do you know that they are competent to instruct others? On the Internet? No doctors, no trained coaches, no dietitians…. That’s an ok standard for a personal blog, but it’s kind of worrying when you are asked to pay for that advice. Or when that cookie-cutter approach (that might work really well for a handful of people) is touted as a panacea.

Of course, I am wary of anyone with a YouTube account calling themselves an expert. But this phenomenon still bugs me. There is a big fuzzy line between setting a good example and selling snake oil. So often on the Internet I see people cross that line, cross back, and then sit and have a picnic on it.

If there is one thing that delving into online resources for health, fitness and beauty has taught me – caveat emptor.

Oh, and won’t someone think of the children?