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In the groove

Here we are, almost done with Week 6 out of 12!!!

I admit to struggling with going to bed early. And with rising early. I get up and do my workouts pre-work on Monday and Wednesday so I can spend my lunchtimes at boxing, but the other days I prefer to just haul a gym bag in to work or (like today) put it off until the evening. Thursday’s workout is better at home because it needs a bit of space to be doing those frog jumps and depth jumps but also a clean floor to bang out the crunches.

I’m feeling quite at home in the program now. My original goal of 65kg by the end of financial year is now so close I can taste it. I’m 68kg with no indication that I won’t be able to keep losing weight. I am readjusting my goal to 60kg, and that scares me a bit. Last time I was 60kg there wasn’t a lot of actual food going into my body on a regular basis. I will have to see how sustainable it is.

I’ve seen a few people go through weight loss. I notice that they all get super-skinny and buff and think about becoming a personal trainer but once they settle into maintenance mode a little (sometimes a lot) of weight comes back. This tells me it’s better to aim lower and come back up slightly than risk still being pudgy at the end.

Also… NEED MORE TONING! As I lose weight, I notice more and more the jiggles. Arrrgh!

Double also… A great non scale victory. I bought a bra a k-