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Yarrrrrgh! Recovery is SO HARD

Recovering from a half marathon plus being generally stressed out at work means I haven’t run much over the previous week. I’ve been fantasising all week long about spending an evening with a Valium and a bucket of ice cream.

Yesterday I took took it easy – staying at home with the kids to play Dr Who versus the dinosaurs. But my mood and stress kept getting the better of me. It took some very focused stretching and breathing to banish those demons for even a few moments.

Idyllic moments despite renovation blues

Idyllic moments despite renovation blues

Today at work, I felt a fair bit better. I had even arranged a lunchtime massage coz my massage guy is going overseas for a month! He tenderised my quads and glutes enough to last till he gets back. Ouch!

But I have really been struggling with the emotional eating lately. I’m not even hungry. I just WANT FOOOOOOOOOD.

I even had a muffin for afternoon snack today.


Time to go to the fridge …

…for a look at my AMR magnet…