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She Runs… For Herself!

Nike She Runs race report

It rained all morning yesterday, and all afternoon a whippy wind made things very cold despite some sun.

Sis and I made it to the event as the sun was setting. We checked our bag as they were calling the 5 minute pace group. Plenty of time. We headed to the warmup and I was distracted by the GIANT TRAMPOLINE. As I was trying to find the gate to get in, Sis nudged me – “they’re calling green, isn’t that you?” OMG it WAS ME. The 5:30 pace group was up.

Without warming up, I headed to the chute, doing my best to work in some high-knees as I went.

I started off slowly, with no intention of beating my way through the crush of ladies. I let myself get warm before I started to really run. That wasn’t easy because the wind was sharp. Many times during the race I wished I had taken a beanie and gloves.

I had that classic slow start. Just as I felt we had been running forever, we came up on the 2km marker. Surely, I thought, surely this means ‘2km to completion’? No, of course not. The first mile never feels great!

I took advantage of a downhill slope to take longer strides – increasing speed and conserving energy. I do enjoy downhills! We settled into around a 6 min / km pace. I was really conscious not to push myself too far. I hadn’t run at all that week (calling it tapering, but its really something else), and my hip/leg/foot thing is really likely to flare up if I start pushing my legs too hard.

My iSmoothRun lady told me we were about 6.13 min/km, but I was happy to see that the splits showed a couple of 5:30kms. Yay!


My result? 1 hour.


I’m happy with that! Its slightly faster than last year’s gruelling effort. I felt I pushed it a little bit without pushing myself over the limit. I tried to sprint the finish, but was blocked out by a haggling of chicks all running together in front of me. Oh well. Peace and all to them. I ran for myself. It was great.

I spent a lot of time checking out other women who had on rainproof jackets, and centring my mind on my own performance. Sure, other women were running alongside and in front of me, but I am truly happy to have been running in my own head.  At once point I even closed my eyes with the sheer peace and joy of it – possibly not the best idea!

There were couple of WTF moments…I started in the 5:30 pace group – the 2nd fastest after the seeded runners. I heard 2 women ahead of me have this conversation

W1 “how fast are we?”

W2 “we are currently at 8:30 minute kilometres”

W1 “woo! 7 minute kms here we come!”

Of course I’m happy for them, but all I could think at the time was HOW ARE YOU AHEAD OF ME?

I still love this event…As always with Nike She Runs, there were several spots along the course had a party atmosphere. It just puts a smile on your face! One little grove of trees had a proper disco ball party! There were teen cheerleaders on one bend,, cheering us on with the loud music. At a narrowing of the path, we ran a gauntlet of support team members with personalised signs “Go Mary! Go Vanessa! Go Alice!” I looked for my unusual name. I saw some others, but not moi. Nike also hires a LOT of boys to cheer you on – its kinda cute actually. They also had perfume available for runners to put on before and after. Sweat + Marc Jacobs – yum!

Finally is there anything more beautiful than a woman running past you, pushing it, gracefully flying, struggling and just killing it?