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Project: Chin up

I did FOUR chin ups in a row today. FOUR! Without stopping and going all the way down, not just doing a half-lower like I usually do.



An end to my transformation

I’ve come to the end of my 12wbt ‘journey’. All this year, I have been living life according to Michelle Bridges. I must say, I truly and wholeheartedly recommend the program to anyone, of any fitness level, to help you achieve your goals. For a mere $200, I received 12 weeks of meal plans, calorie-controlled recipes, video guidance, and of course an awesome exercise plan.

But now its time to graduate and take off the training wheels. I think I am ready.

This last few weeks, I have barely needed to get out my exercise program because I have been busy exercising in other ways and with new friends.

I have some fitness goals, that while not exactly clear, still burn within me. I want to increase my chin-ups, hold onto my ‘Linda Hamilton arms’, run 5 minute kms and run a marathon next year. Or maybe just a half or 2… my partner is slightly worried by the intensity of marathon training.

I am going steady on my lower-calorie / smaller-portion main meals. Most days, I pack a lunch to take to work – a skill I NEVER believed I could master. Though lately, I have been stress-snacking at work, which is a bad idea! At least I am mostly munching down corn thins and Ryvitas, but still…time to break out the herbal teas and maybe even get back onto My Fitness Pal.

One last word of praise for the 12wbt is that I loved how holistic the program is – especially for runners. Most marathon programs say “run / rest / run / rest” but the 12wbt actually gives you alternative exercise programs for those ‘rest’ days. At least one day per week is devoted to stretching / core, and one day of strength for the non-leg parts of your body. Needless to say, I am hanging on to my printed-out programs for those days I am stuck for a plan.

So, graduation.

Does this mean I am finished ‘transforming’?

I transformed myself from an unhappy fat woman into a dedicated runner with Linda Hamilton arms and a desperate addiction to YouTube makeup tutorials within 12 months.  Am I done now?

This really is the hard part. Its easy to turn on that intensity of focus for a short time. Its easy to be ruthless with yourself when you see results every single week. But right now, I am sort of coasting.

Am I happy with who I am now?

Trick question! I am the same person, but with different habits and a different focus. I am excited to see what happens next.

So no, I don’t think that I am done transforming. I feel another wave of awesome adventure coming on soon, but I don’t quite know what direction that will take me in just yet.

Chin-up win

A little win for my chin ups. After my long run on the weekend, I stopped at the exercise station in the park to bang out a couple of eccentric chin ups. I was able to do a really long bent-arm hang, and also able to do the smallest little real chin-up ever. It was about 10 degrees or so… But it was actual lifting of my body . Wooooooo!

Project: Chin-up

After my lunchtime workout today I jumped onto the pull-up frame. I’m quite stoked because I managed to jump up into chin-up position and then execute an ‘eccentric’ chin-up. That basically means you let yourself down slowly, instead of pulling up. It probably took 5 seconds to get down, but it felt really well-controlled.

And then I did it again!

Very happy with myself. I didn’t think I could do even this much, so it’s good to know I am able to clear the very first hurdle and don’t have to start out with biceps curls.

Project: Chin-up

So, I have decided to conquer the chin-up (or pull-up, which is it?). To this end I have acquired

I tried on Monday after boxing, and managed about ¼ of a chin up (maybe less). I need to tick this off in preparation for Tough Mudder in October. So, down to work!