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Running Resolutions

I recently found Another Mother Runner podcast – by and for women who run. They make no judgements about your distance, your speed, your number of races. Instead just encourage all women to get out and run (prams optional!)

When their post about New Year Resolutions popped up in my feed this week, I instantly connected with the message. I especially loved these resolutions:

1. Run Naked – leave the gadgets at home! 

I’ve done this when I leave them at home by accident, but I have rarely just gone running without any measuring devices. Being new to it, I often feel I need the encouraging voice in my ear, and the nice round number at the end. Maybe its time to think about just running for the pleasure alone.

5. When somebody asks you if you run, simply say yes. No qualifiers—I’m so slow, I just started, I only do 5K’s—allowed. None. Just this: “Yes, I am a runner.” 

‘Nuff said!

13. On those days when you’re hit with the there’s.just.no.way.I.have.the.energy.to.run blahs, head out for half of a mile; if you’re still not feeling it, you can turn around, and you still got in one mile.

I’ve been feeling this a lot in the last few weeks. I’ve also realised it seems to take me longer and longer to ‘hit my stride’ and find the part of the run where I crack a smile and just dissolve into running because it feels great. So this really is advice to take to heart.

And now the last resolution…Tell a friend about the another mother runner tribe

√ Done!



I’m looking for a good podcast about running … maybe about ultra running? (Not that I am serious about ultra-running, but it fascinates me to think about those extreme athletes while I struggle to get around the block on a cold morning).

Know of any good ones?