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How’s THAT for ‘no more excuses’

Tired, heavy-limbed, I got out of bed, I got back into bed. I got out of bed, I climbed back on the bed. I finally pulled on my jogging clothes, paused at the front door and started my little 1km wake up call.

Within 2 seconds my pants started to fall down. These are old gym pants I hadn’t worn forever.

I pulled them up.

They fell down.

Fall-down pants

Fall-down pants

And so we continued this dance on for the 1km circuit around the block. Up and down, up and down.

Even though I firmly believe that having fall-down-pants is a totally legitimate excuse to cancel running, I stayed the course with my hands clutching my waistline.



What’s the opposite of #winning?

After yesterday’s Day of #Win, today I am having an opposite day. A Day of Lose. A Day of Loss. A Day of Losership. A Losing Day.

Whatever you call it, I am just feeling down. I am so tired. So depressed. I feel like I have washed all the #win out of me, and I barely want to face life. My kids are picking up on my low mood and exacerbating it with constant whining. I donked my head this morning cleaning weet-bix off the floor. I found a disgusting thing in the car which I then had to clean. I planned exercise and I didn’t do it. I even failed at emotional eating – I went to the cupboard for crackers and dip and we were OUT OF CRACKERS. My sister and mum offered to watch the kids while I went for a pedi and I was even too depressed to take them up on the offer.

Phew. Its good to get that out.

Let’s look at the positives.

  • I may be tired but I’m not appreciably sore
  • I’m tired because I annihilated my exercise this week. I’m ahead of the game.
  • I didn’t eat chocolate even though I would normally do that when I feel low on energy
  • I deserve a rest day
  • The kids are kids and do have their whiny days. Its what kids sometimes do especially when it is so hot. But they did actually perk up after lunch.
  • My sister (aka my hero) gave me some Teresa Cutter protein powder to try, so I now have a smoothie to look forward to. She also made me a salad for lunch.
  • A friend had gone to the markets and dropped around a GIGANTIC AMOUNT OF VEGES. After giving half of them away, we still have more than enough to bathe in them if we wanted, so this week will be a veritable ORGY of VEGES for dinner.
  • Last but not least, the kids are having a little nap, so I have some time to just lie on the bed and do nothing except stare at the fan. Oh bliss!

This is the part of the massive pile of fruit and vege that we gave away!

Let’s hope tomorrow picks up 🙂


Update: I just checked my calorie spreadsheet. It turns out I had already met my calorie-deficit goal for the week. Even if I also do absolutely no exercise on Sunday too. That’s motivation to at least take a walk on Sunday and push it over the line. 

Pushing through

Today I had a great mind-over-matter experience.

All morning I was quote lethargic and almost feeling depressed. I had no energy to do anything. I contemplated whether to do my jog or not.

I told myself if I made it down there and started that I could quit if I had to.

Once I go there I told myself I could quit after 2km if I had to.

Once I got to 2km I told myself I could quit at 3km if I had to.

I got to 4km and since my goal was only 4.5km, I kept going. I got to 4.5km and just kept going till I got to 4.75km. Point proven, I let myself stop.

I’m still tired, but at least I smashed some Ks.

Loving fitbit

Fitbit breaks down my steps / calories over the day. The dense pink is my run and the later little pink is my walk to the station.