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Funny stories about my daughter

My daughter caught me shadow boxing last week, and thought it was AWESOME. So I let her join me in punching the air a bit. Yay.

Last night, she wanted to do it again, so I let her punch my hands and I punched her hands (so to speak – there wasn’t any contact). Then I realized that we were both shouting “punch punch punch” at each other and I realized that at preschool the next day, she might start trying to punch with other kids who don’t know about boxing. So I blurted out “punching is just something for you and mummy to do for fun, we don’t do it with anyone else without asking them first”.

It was then that I realized I was setting the stage for her to announce “mummy punched me last night for fun”. Fingers crossed she doesn’t!

Girls are awesome
As a woman with a daughter, I’m conscious of all the subliminal sexist messages that girls receive through behavior, media and whatnot. I want her to believe that girls can do anything if they apply themselves (just the same message I want my son to have). You never know what things kids are thinking, or whether they are getting the wrong message. My 3 year old daughter is very conscious that she is a girl, and we often do things together “because w are girls” (and we don’t invite the boys!)

Last week, my daughter and I were playing with a toy and it wasn’t working but I was able to fix it. She asked “how could you fix it?” And I was a but flippant in reply “just by being awesome honey”. My daughter understood and added on “…and by being a GIRL!