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Accepting rest

I’m taking a long view.

My hip and leg are killing me, and I’m not very close to finding out why. Well that’s a lie – the physio has shown me that I have the most awful rotation in my hip that I compound every time I take a step – but I’m still not sure why I have this. Finding out is a ground-up trial and error kind of process.

I have a choice before me. I could get frustrated and despair that I’m going to lose my running technique, speed, stamina etc etc and just keep going out for long runs that pound my leg. Or I can accept that I plan to be a runner for a few decades yet, and taking a little break isn’t going to kill me or my running.

The physio is giving me exercises to do. For the past month, its been trying to switch on my pelvic floor in a certain way – pulling in more than pushing out. It is HARD. Possibly the hardest part though is practising at the gym – I lie on a mat and make a face of extreme consternation… grrrrrrrrrrr! people around me are lifting heavy weights and my mates are asking why I’m not doing chin-ups anymore while I concentrate hard on one tiny muscle group that no one can see!

At least now I have some proper exercises to do…

Physio exercises


Now after I lie on the floor and make my concentration face, I get to lift my leg but not very far. Then I can do a bridge, holding the core without ‘pushing out’. I’m supposed to plank and lift one leg… without any rotation.

My favourite though is the one where I stand up without rotating. After I master this, I get to lift one leg… without rotating.

Even though I can ‘do’ all of these exercises in my normal life, I now must master doing them with almost perfect form.  My physio has written on my sheet “aim for standing upright”!! Yep – aim big, girl.

I’ve also got tape on my foot. This afternoon’s run will see whether that gives me any assistance or not. Hopefully yes, because it is very stylish!



On loss

Last night, I had to clip one of my toenails back to the um, bit that means you don’t have a toenail anymore.

I’m sad for my loss. I feel less whole, and less able to wear open-toe shoes.

But I went for a run this morning, and that consoled me somewhat.

Swings and roundabouts.

Foot update

Last Wednesday I went to my massage guy. Just before finishing up, I mentioned my foot tingles had persisted, and he did a little bit of release on a couple of trigger points on my shin and behind the knee. Drs Google and Wikipedia suggested to me that this area is related to the Peroneal Nerve (not to be confused with Perineal nerve.).

When I got home, I continued to massage the same spots and slept with a wheat bag on my shin. The next day my foot tingles were almost gone!

I’m so excited because I was starting to fear that I had ruined my feet with running and high heels. So, now it seems like perhaps that isn’t the case. Yay!

On Thursday I ran out just before dusk for my “35 min easy jog”. I went to the football oval and did a few laps barefoot. Apart from being FREEZING cold on my feet, this actually felt great. My legs seemed to just spring much more naturally and my feet found the ground more gently than they ever do running on concrete. I really want to try more non-paved-running venues where I can. But this is gonna be hard!

A week later and the foot tingles are still minimal. Although I am noticing that I still roll my foot in unguarded moments, and there is some discomfort in my ankle while running. I am also getting pains in my thighs from sitting long periods – I have periodically had this come and go through my life. I remember certain periods where highschool was an absolute torture because of those wooden chairs. Dr Wikipedia tells me that “…habitual leg crossing … compresses the common fibular nerve as it crosses around the head of fibula” can cause problems, and this is something I do a lot while sitting around at work.

So I will be off to the doctor (or podiatrist or physio?) soon to get this looked at and make sure its not going to be a recurring problem. I am seriously confused though about who I should see. I’ve never been to a podiatrist – do I need a referral? I went to a physio once when I was in uni, but I felt stupid being the only fat person they have ever encountered (why is it that being fat makes stupid, exactly?). I am actually reticent about going to my GP because they tend to have a liberal approach to diagnostic tools and tests – and I really can’t be bothered getting xrays and whatnot ‘just in case’ I have an undiscovered broken toe.

Overall, I am very happy that the foot is better and that my running doesn’t seem to have caused a permanent injury. Phew!

Oh, and this whole episode has led me to take stretching after a run just that little bit more seriously. I even bought a foam roller.


Still hungry and numb

I am still so hungry I would eat one of those gorgeous miniature horses … I need to try harder at not giving in to snacking because its getting me nowhere.

Also, my foot is still constantly numb / tingling. I have no idea who or what might fix this kind of thing. My magical massage bloke said it was well out of his scope, but other than that I am all out of ideas. I feel I have already used my hypochondriac quota with my GP this financial year… Maybe in July I will go back and ask her lots of silly questions about how it could be diabetes or Reynaud’s Syndrome.