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Long-ish run

So… my sister and mother had offered to take the kids to a movie today so I could go out for my run. While this is a great offer, I suppose you could say I was skeptical at how the plan might turn out. So much can go wrong – the weather had been teasing me all day- “will I rain, tee hee, maybe I will, just maaaaybe”; the kids might go completely mental before, during or after the movie when they had been stuffed to the gills with choctops and lemonade; or even worse, they might depart and take my running resolve with them. Or worse of all possible scenarios – they would leave as little angels, the rain would start pouring down, and then come home hopped up on sugar to a frustrated mummy who had spent the arvo going a bit demented Domestic Goddess style by cooking sticky cakes for dinner.

None of these possibilities emerged. Yay!

The kids were picked up, home made popcorn in snap lock bags under their little wings. They saw a movie and behaved themselves well all through. So proud!

I spent forty minutes or so composing myself (eating lunch, digesting, watching teev, printing some little labels in my compulsive quest to ORGANISE ALL THE THINGS(tm).)


This is a perfectly healthy way to be

I ventured out into the “will I or won’t I” weather, and was happy to find it pretty much didn’t for the whole time I was out.

I slowly, slowly, slowly, made my way into the next suburb over, the long way around, running just under 7 minute Ks. Then I headed back, completing the circle. Watching my hip, keeping my knees in alignment (sort of), and my core switched on (mostly).

I love the space to think that a long run gives me. I realise that yes, things have been going wrong for me lately, but that also I can be a lot less permeable to those things than I have been. I’ve been kind of unstrategic and allowed myself to get caught up in A LOT of drama that I didn’t need to take on. Running lets me reflect on these things from a little distance.

My SMH Half Marathon plan calls for 14km, but I didn’t get there.

12km in all, steadily in the Grey Zone – that place where you aren’t taxing yourself much at all, and can keep it up as long as your knees will put up with you.

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time in the Grey Zone lately since practically all exercise hurts. Even strength work is strangely awful. I was thinking maybe I should swap over to some stationary bike or rower to try and get my cardio up without killing my legs too much.


The Grey Zone – A heart full of Neutrality

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in the Grey Zone!

We had thai food for dinner. I’ve unfortunately discovered a delicious yellow curry that my favourite restaurant does. Its like licking yellow heaven. I’m sure that’s a thing, right? I gave my son a taste on a spoon and he went nuts – “that mum that!” – not even “give me sauce”. Nope, just “THAT”. Creamy, spicy, fragrant yellow sauce and rice. Mmmmmmm. I wish I could eat like a 2 year old again.

Sauce: http://memegenerator.net/instance/45296491?urlName=Tardar-Sauce&browsingOrder=New&browsingTimeSpan=AllTime

This cat’s name is Tardar Sauce. mnnnmmmm sauce.

Perhaps it was all the toddle-style inhalation of food. Perhaps it was the late Saturday night and Early Sunday morning. Perhaps my body just isn’t quite used to long slow runs anymore. Its 9pm and I’ve got a splitting headache. Everyone else is long asleep, but I’m not quite ready to drift off yet. I feel a bit like Arthur Dent on the verge of being thrown out of a Vogon Constructor ship – the the face of certain death his only protest was “I’ve got a headache! I don’t want to go to Heaven with a headache!” except I’m not exactly on my way to Heaven. Just sleep – a very close second.

Sweet dreams, all.