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On loss

Last night, I had to clip one of my toenails back to the um, bit that means you don’t have a toenail anymore.

I’m sad for my loss. I feel less whole, and less able to wear open-toe shoes.

But I went for a run this morning, and that consoled me somewhat.

Swings and roundabouts.


More foot info

I went for a nerve conduction test today. It wasn’t exactly painful, but it was certainly uncomfortable and quite unnatural to feel electric currents pulsing down your leg, making it kick out every second.

The result was a confirmation of foot drop being caused by leg crossing…because I have lost a lot of weight and therefore some subcutaneous fat that would have otherwise protected my little neurons from being crushed.

The doctor is a lovely fellow. He is quite clever and business-like, but also personable with a sense of humor and humanity about him. He chuckled to hear that I was implementing his treatment plan using one of the kid’s stuffed toys. The treatment plan is the glamour glamour glamour of gripping a small pillow between my knees at work to remind me not to cross my legs.

I’m happy to know that the foot drop isn’t caused by running or heels. That it will get better as long as I allow myself to heal. And that I can still run as much as I want to, as long as I am mindful of how I land so I don’t fall over anymore.

Footsy diagnosis

I went to the doctor about my foot today. I showed her my “good” range of motion of my right foot – about 2cm in
dorsiflexion. This “good” range comes from about a week of self massage and sleeping on a wheat bag.


Straight away, I was diagnosed with foot drop. This is where something has either damaged or destroyed the nerve that runs down the leg and activates the foot, so you end up with limited movement in the foot. Possible causes include excessive leg crossing and some rather scary diseases. But something like leg crossing is most likely. I need a CT scan and maybe a trip to the neurologist. Also maybe a splint. That last part makes me slightly sad, although there is a possibility I can get one with a spring mechanism, making me kind of super-human.

At least I now know a few things. It’s not likely to be caused by running, wearing minimus shoes or high heels. Yay! I have been concerned that I would be faced with giving these things up or dying in agony. Or similar.

It’s also likely reversible. Double-yay. I can look forward to normal walking. Although it may take 6 months to get there.

My tripping over is real and not just being ultra clumsy. I need to pay particular attention to waking, and not just when I am doing my ditsy “wow aren’t these heels high?” act.

Last but not least. As wheat bags and massage do seem to help, I’ve got a “get out of gaol free card” with respect to regular pampering >_>