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Weekend of #foodfail

This has been a weekend of #foodfails. Or at least, a weekend without definitive food #wins. I am dreading putting my total calories into my spreadsheet. All I can do is go for my post-Masterchef run and refuse to cave in to dessert desires. Maybe I will make it to a half kilo loss at weigh in on Tuesday. Maybe not. But it is clear to me what the cost of a few day’s moderate indulgence is.


I just wanted to update with my ‘overnight’ thoughts on #foodfail. When I entered my calories into the spreadsheet, I was struck by a couple of things. My overall weekly deficit should still be enough for me to see a loss this week. It won’t be the loss I want, but I didn’t put in the work required for the loss that I want.

But also – this weekend is kind of how I want to be able to be in the future. This is a little dry run of living without a strict dietary and exercise schedule. Yes, I should be able to indulge a little bit – eat a meal out or have a couple of corn chips. I want to be able to say “I’ll have a piece of cake because I had a really long run earlier today” and kind of have it even out. But until I am actually really thin and fit, I can’t live like that. Right now, I need to stay strict. The latest task is ‘Kitchen Makeover’, and the emphasis is being responsible for what goes into your mouth. I think my ultimate goal is the redefine “eating what I want” so that I am not constantly calorie-counting, but that I am also not constantly self-sabotaging.

Most importantly, when I put my numbers into the spreadsheet, I realised that Monday is a new start of a new week. I had been thinking of Monday was “part of the long weekend” and therefore “part of the #foodfail” and kind of a write off. But Monday is  NEW DAY. I need to use today set myself up for a #WeekofWin.