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Running on the edge of de Nile

Its fair to say there has been a lot in my head lately.

And in my body too.

I have come to realise that I have been in denial about 2 injures that I have carried around for a couple of months now. Running has been just “less fun” and much much less inviting lately. I have some torn kind of thing inside my pelvic bowl, which sounds as fun as it feels. Also, there is something (maybe a building disc?) causing some sciatica – tingling and pain down my leg. Both on the same side. So while I want to think “12k run, hell yeah!” I’m more likely to think “yeah I could do that… but I think its gonna rain later…and aw…I also think I’ve got a headache coming on…and maybe I should wash my hair”.

I’ve also been heavily in denial about my eating, which has gone from “pretty super saintly” to “umm, are you gonna eat that butter?” Throw into the mix some upsets, a little trip to hospital, Christmas, work stress, a little trip to a 5 start hotel for work, and a kid’s birthday, and my diet is pretty well wrecked. Along with my attitude to food, which is now best characterised by the phrase “EEEEEEEEEAAAAT IIIIIIT”. All that would be fine, except I’m hardly running as much as I was when eating like a saint, and not half enough to offset the chocolate cake!

Meet my tummy


C’est la vie! Life goes on, and we go with it. Rolling with the waves, holding on and hoping to eat cake another day.

I’ve got a little tummy now. And a little roundness to the thighs and face. That’s ok with me, though I am sort of scared that I’ve just pushed off a giant super slippery slide straight into mega-fat-and-unfitsville. I’m sure that really is just anxiety, because while I feel like the slackest person around, I’m not. I still exercise several times a week, just not the 6-8 sessions I was doing.

Running I have been doing…

My running has been limited too. An 8km run isn’t a ‘little run’ anymore, and I find myself making excuses not to just get out there to pound pavement. On the flip side, I am doing my intervals and tempos on the treadmill, making fantastic pace! I’m down to consistent 5:10 min per km. On the treadmill, so it doesn’t quite count, but I’m taking it anyway!

Today I did the beautiful Manly Dam trail run again. Talking to another woman before the race, I found out that the previous one wasn’t actually 7km as advertised, but over 8km. Today I checked my iPhone afterwards and yep – 8km.

As I was alone on this one, I decided to give it a real go instead of taking it easy and hanging back and chatting. I was pleased to be able to run past a bunch of people. Although, I started in the last wave, so it wasn’t hard to find someone to overtake! People were all very gracious about it – and I in turn was gracious when we met up with the faster runners who overtook me despite being on their 2nd loop.

I met a few lovely people, including the woman I helped out last time when she fell over. It was nice to see her back at it. And also, I saw a possum at the starting line. It looked terrified. Clearly there was too much lycra about


Quick Edit – my results from the run:

Time: 1:02:04. Out of a field of 55 women, I finished 15th. Overall I finished 38th. Of women in their 30’s, I finished 7th (and even finished ahead of some women in their teens and 20’s – take THAT, youth! We won’t talk about the women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who totally whupped me). Scrolling through the results, I notice a male/female couple in their 50’s who crossed within 1 second of each other after the 20km race. Awwwwww!



Straightening myself out

Day 1.
I limited my coffees today….To 2.
I know that doesn’t sound like a great sacrifice, so it probably isn’t one. However my caffeine consumption has got so out of hand lately that I feel like chasing a coffee with another coffee, like, all the time.

The day started well with a home made coffee, and I didn’t get one from the cafe until about 4pm. Let’s see whether I sleep better tonight and whether I suffer badly tomorrow. I’ve already offered to pay my coworkers in cash or chocolate for any bitching I do 😘😘😘😘

Oh, and I am marking my coffee consumption on a calendar. Because you need to graph that biz.

What happens when we run out of “ancient grains”?

I just saw a segment on Today expounding the virtues of some “new ancient grains” (it was only amaranth).

I am starting to really worry about what will happen when we run out of “new” “ancient” grains to exploit.

My sis posits that we all have to head to Maccas.

Ps the same segment told us to eat grass-fed cows but also game because we “need meats that were trying to run away”. Internal contradiction much?

Pps I may be somewhat crotchety today. Is anyone else feeling TIRED? I’ve been over-sleeping but never feeling rested. Yawn.

Eating clean

After about a month of eating every chocolate and drinking every drop of booze in sight, I’m starting to understand why some people might want to bang on about eating clean. Yes, chocolate is awesome but I’m starting to feel the eternal, addicted, sluggish … Bleargh of it all.

So I might not convert to green smoothies, but I think it’s time to just go back to straight up proper food.

Nibble monster

I’ve been such a nibble monster lately. Last night I just said to myself “stop” and I feel a lot more in control right now. I suspect this might be a recurring struggle that needs to play out a few more times before I really get it.

Welcome to eating month

It’s Sunday the 1st of December. I’m in the car coming home from a 6-hour-drive-overnight-stay-return-drive to visit an unwell family member. My skin is showing the signs of 48 hours of restaurant meals and constant driving slash worrying. Oh, and the WORST NIGHT OF SLEEP EVER(tm) courtesy of my darling daughter who just wanted to go home… And then woke up refreshed and ready to spend the rest of her life at the hotel.

The previous couple of weeks have been a battle of stress-eating versus herbal teas.

But now the eating begins in earnest. Christmas time is the festival of food and booze. The next couple of weeks will see my working hours ebb away and be replaced by lunches and drinks nights and more lunches. It’s going to be hard (but not impossible) to pick salads. But it’s going to be VERY hard to limit eating portions, especially when my anxiety levels are yelling at me to comfort myself with delicious noms.

The answer for some may be “non food rewards” but in all honesty my recent addiction to beauty vlogs on YouTube has kind of exhausted my capacity for conspicuous consumerism. I think I need a few hours to myself to just reeeeee-laaaaaax. And maybe have a sauna slash facial.

Run rabbit run

So for my darling’s birthday, I made a feast of rabbit. Every year I make him a giant meat feast in the hope that he won’t leave me for a younger woman who owns a butchers shop. Us vegetarians need this kind of insurance 😛

This year it was rabbit. The weather, my fickle mood, some illness going round, and late-moment preparations worked somewhat against the success of this party. So we now have a fridge FULL of leftovers. Nonetheless, the party itself was quite lovely. Intimate, with the kids running around being generally gorgeous.

I cooked 5 rabbits in total. One was baked and flaked into a bowl as finger food. 2 went into a stew, and 2 were stuffed with mince, herbs and veges and baked under a blanket of bacon




I also made an apple crumble, a pear jelly mold, crudités, chicken wings and baked veges. Plus chips, dips, some lollies and salads brought along by guests meat that we had WAAAAAAY too much food. We now have a freezer full of rabbit stew and fridge full of chopped veges. And a tummy full of chocolate cake!