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Fitness Day with kids

This morning, after a leisurely breakfast of wholemeal pancakes, I decided to start a little fitness workout. I turned to the MB “Crunch Time” book, and began exercise program: Week 1, Day 1. I set up a little station in the back yard – some old dumbbells my mum had given me, and a wooden block that my partner made into a step. My little 2 year old daughter (Z) wanted to exercise with me. Mixed results on that.

20 knee pushups. She started counting with me. “1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 19, 20”. That is EXACTLY what she said – I would love her as a personal trainer – the sets would be over so fast! As I kept going, she got down underneath the “mummy bridge”, that is, she lay down under my chest whenever I pushed up. Cute, but distracting! I started laughing, and once I recovered, I got down to start again… she shouted at me “1 2 3 Gooooooo!” so I do have high hopes of her one day becoming a personal trainer. During the 2nd set, she sat on my back for extra resistance. I almost quit there and then!

20 Lunges on each leg. She started shouting “no no no I don’t like lunges” and trying to stop me doing them. I normally wouldn’t mind – I hate lunges!

20 step ups on each leg. This was fun – she got up and danced on the step while I did my steps.

20 bicep curls, 20 standing shoulder press. “Mum, can I have a go?”

20 squats. I HATE squats. It seems like Z doesn’t mind them though, so I did all 20.

As soon as I thought I was finished 2 sets of each exercise, I realised I had skipped the “abs” section. Poo.

20 ab crunches, 20 twist crunches on each side. Of course this is where she decided to SIT ON MUMMY. According to her, this was “fun”.

Note: the dumbbells were 2kg each – I didn’t have any trouble with them but found it a little tough by the end. I will definitely need to increase it up next week.