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Farewell round 1

I am finally done with 12wbt Round 1. I have signed on for another round to cement my progress and work toward a half marathon. Don’t tell my legs that – they don’t quite believe its possible.

This last week has been quite relaxed – light on training and hyping up for the Nike 10k. I have a week off before starting up again, and I’m torn between taking it easy and going all out to ramp myself up.

My goal for next next round isn’t really around weight loss, more self improvement and fitness. Even then, it’s more building endurance and toning. Hopefully I will get faster too, but I have and inkling that I might be at the bottom of a very steep curve when it comes to improving speed.

Some goals I have for the next 3 months…

  • I am a hopeless nail biter, and I want to stop once and for all.
  • Improve my running speed – working toward 5:30 minute kms
  • Eat more meat
  • If I lose up to 8kg, that is ok, but if I don’t lose any weight and I just tone up, that is ok too
  • Tone tone tone tone
  • Improve my boxing
  • And lastly… I want to learn to skate. I think this would be really fun, and eventually I can share it with the kids.