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So exhausted!

Work has been very stressful these last 2-3 weeks. A number of projects have come to a critical point, and add in the usual political / personal intrigues and business-as-usual deadlines, and it all adds up to ONE STRESSED BUNNY.

I have felt sick and looked worse for a few days now. I wasn’t feeling great last night, and I was ashamed to have skipped my sprints session AND boxing today. I had been looking forward to both sessions, but from my temples to my tummy to my toes, I just wasn’t up for it. I felt bad about it, but as my sister (hero) says – there is no use running yourself into the ground.

So I listened to my body. I took my time getting ready for work. I talked to my friends and colleagues about the things that were stressing me, and that helped. A lot. I found some solutions, and managed to work through some projects and bring them to a point where I can see the conclusion (off in the distance perhaps, but it is now tangible).

I am also considering what I should do about my diet from now on. I have hit 60kg, and am starting to feel that I need more calories to support my increased running. Perhaps it’s mostly the stress talking, but I am constantly feeling depleted, as though I need to eat. My meals are usually enough, but I am feeling as though I need to snack more often. So this is likely stress. However, now that I don’t need to lose weight, I think it is wise to eat more at meal times to support my exercise. I will give myself the rest of the week to calm down, maybe invest in a multivitamin, and decide if I should start eating more food.


Here’s to a more relaxed week next week!