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Finding time for my 2nd last workout

I lugged my workout gear to work, intending to do that 2nd last workout (strength and tone) at lunch. But I ended up skipping lunch due to THE DAY OF MANY LONG SURPRISE MEETINGS. Bah humbug.

I am now lugging home my clean workout clothes in order to do my workout at home. It feels like a defeat to take home a bag of clean clothes. For some reason I wouldn’t mind so much if I had actually used them!

I’m looking forward to the Nike run tomorrow. Wheeee!


If a tree falls in the woods

I left my FitBit AND my heart rate monitor at home today. So all my walking doesn’t “count” and my boxing doesn’t “count”.

Instead of chalking this up to EPIC FAIL, I saw it as an opportunity to focus on doing it because it feels good not because I get a nice number at the end.

I partnered with someone new at boxing today and found it really fun. I usually don’t enjoy boxing with girls because they either don’t go hard enough or they slap you with the pads. For some reason boys don’t seem to slap the pads as much. But today my new parter was a girl and it was was just right. We had a little dance in between sets and gave good encouragement.

I do have a little problem though. It seems like doing abs isn’t having the impact I need. Is it possible to have abs that are “too good”? How can you improve your abs when crunches feel too easy? (Oh boy I bet I pay for those words soon).

I leave you with a riddle. If a tree exercises in the woods with no one around, does it still burn 600 calories?

“Sore all over” rollcall

Is anyone else SORE ALL OVER?

Its been a few weeks since I have felt this sore. All my muscle groups ache. The shoulders probably ache least, but that’s ok because the back is filling in for them. The calves and glutes also seem to be tag-teaming me with bouts of soreness.

Hey, remember me? I’m your spine. Does this hurt? How about this? That too? Hmmm, interesting…

It all started on “Wimpering Wednesday” when I refused coffee for a whole day. And started to ache ALL OVER. And its continued since then.

I only hope that this means muscles forming somewhere beneath the surface.


Its Saturday afternoon, and I still need to catch up on Friday’s workout as well as Today’s long run. I would say I am lacking motivation, but we all know that motivation is a red herring. More that I am trying to pick my time. I want to do the Friday ‘flex and tone’ this evening and the run after that in the dark.

Call me crazy.

A light few days

I’ve had a bit of a week off. I’ve been a bit under the weather, and a bit under the pump at work. A meeting running late led to missing boxing on Wednesday, and when Friday’s class rolled around I decided to skip it (but I had already done the 12wbt session before work). I was so out of energy that I almost cried trying to do sprints on Wednesday. I barely made it to regular jogging pace.

Feeling run-down is a signal that I’ve been going a bit too hard at it. I’m not just doing the 12wbt exercises, I’m also doing 2 boxing classes a week. I’ve been running further during my “endurance run” day too. And I’ve been going hard for 10 weeks or more.

The last thing I want is to push myself over a limit and find out that I never ever ever want to run again! I doubt that will happen, but I have been so tired these last few days that the motivation isn’t there. I know I know, ‘motivation is a bad boyfriend!’ I was feeling very low yesterday and put off my endurance run all day. But then I went out at about 9pm (loving the 9pm run!) and I was glad I did. I realise that I was putting it off partly because I had decided to crack 7km instead of sticking to the 4.5km in the program. When I went out, it was just meant to be around the block and I was going to do my ‘proper’ run the next day. But I decided to do the 4.5km and call it quits for the weekend. That way would give me the best chance of being all recovered and ready to rumble on Monday.

I treated myself to a protein smoothie when I got home too. I had it in bed while we watched Red Dwarf on iView. Ahhhh!

runner girl 5

I can’t believe we are already at the tail end of week 4. Its all feeling fairly comfortable so far. Although, I don’t quite have the hang of weekends just yet! The ‘treat meal’ concept kind of throws me out. I am thinking that I’d rather just eat normally on Saturday instead of blow my stack going nuts at the takeaway! I do like how the plan prepares you for ‘real life’ though, in that it has days where you have a big meal or you eat leftovers or you have to organise your own snacks.

I gotta say, though, this week’s snacks are only fruit and vegetables, and I am getting mildly sick of munching on whole carrots. Maybe I should pay attention to the latest weekly surprise challenge to get some good snack ideas.

Fitbit Metrics

Even though I am feeling very saintly after burning 700 and something calories today, FitBit’s little graphs still give me pause.

Although I am doing really well with my calories in/out ratio:



I clearly need to work on my “time spent active” across the day.


You can see it better in this one:


That’s SEVENTEEN hours out of 24 not being very active at all. And going forward, THAT is what is going to keep me thin and healthy. Just random, incidental activity.