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Hello Wheezy!

After what seems like a yeah of inactivity (actually about 2 weeks with illness and extreme work busyness), I made it to boxing class today.

Happily, I managed to perform well. I even noticed my technique hadn’t suffered too much. Although I was extremely short of breath.

I was kinda wheezy and followed the lesson with a few minutes of old man coughing. Still very happy to have given it a go!

I am getting ready for the 13.FUN training schedule starting next week. Its american, so all the runs are in miles. That is gonna be EASY. Miles make it look like a doddle. Anyone, even a wheezy woman, can run 6 miles. Its not even double figures, and you call that a long run. Ha!


Boxing class

Boxing was great! It was hard! We jogged around (which I was glad to have found to be easy). We did some combo drills (so hard to remember what to punch next). We did sets of “lie on the ground, jump up and punch”. I loved the ‘lying down’ part! At one point I thought “yes yes I will stay here on the ground, ahhhhhhh”. But I got up and did another set anyway. We did complicated punch, run, punch, sit-up, punch routines. Wow.

Real As Bro

Real As Bro

I partnered with a guy from the IT desk – he’s big and strong, but it was his first time too, so we were both a bit uncoordinated together. We encouraged each other to keep going in the tough bits, and that is worth so much. I imagine he will quickly get better than me once he finds the rhythm, so my goal next week is to try and partner with someone else if I can so can share around my ‘hapless newbie’ vibe. Actually everyone was really nice and no-one made us feel unco at all.

I was glad it was over and I could grab s huuuuge salad wrap with cheese. Oh yeah. Cheese. My buddy, my pal, my only source of protein.

Speaking of protein, I resolved on the way home that I had to buy protein powder. I can’t go on not having protein. I feel so drained right now. So I got some “Vanilla Cream” Body For Women at the supermarket. I mixed it up after dinner and took a sip.

Omg that was unpleasant. My partner looked at me and laughed. I definitely did not have a party in my mouth. But I wasn’t to be beaten. I added a slug of milk (not sure it that’s cheating to be honest) and while its still not my ideal drink, I’m able to drink it. While the milk didn’t turn it into a party, but more of a ‘slightly awkward dinner with your parents and your totally unsuitable new boyfriend’. Just like a disgusting skim latte, I know that in a few days I won’t mind it quite as much as I do now.

Boxing starts today

From my intranet…

Cardio Boxing training includes:

  • non-contact boxing exercises

  • skipping and step-ups

  • resistance exercises to improve muscle tone and core strength

OMG. Why didn’t I read that when I signed up – sounds INTENSE.