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Oh My Quads!

Yesterday was a BIIIIIIG day.

My sister and I started off with a trip to our favourite hairdresser. Then off to a cafe early lunch at 11am before joining a bootcamp run by visiting fitness goddess Krissy Mae Cagney of Rise Above Fitness in LA.

We rock up exactly on time and see warm up has just started. There are roughly 40 people, most of them hefty, tattooed blokes. You know the kind – alternative dudes, piercings and tattoos all over. There were about 5 women that I could see. Sis and I were all done up – nice hair, makeup, expensive Lorna Jane clothes and an animal print handbag. Feeling a little out of place, I skipped up to the organisers and asked “Hi, can we join in?” Jared responded “Sure but if you start you gotta go the distance”.

Reflecting on this a little later, we decided that perhaps we came off a little Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. “Hi! We invented Post-Its. Can we join your bootcamp??” Someone actually asked us if we meant to come or just happened to be walking by. So funny!

We were split up into 8 teams of 5 and were given a task to do on each of 10-ish stations – Burpees, chin ups, 1km run, tire flips, rope lifting, box jumps, v-ups, pushups, kettle bell swings, goblet squats, and sitting around feeling awesome.  Each team had to complete 250 reps on each station. This was cool because it meant we had 50 reps each, but could help with one anothers’ weaknesses.

For instance, I found the box jump station to be a bit high for me, so Very Tall Tim was able to put in another 20 to help me out the team. Very Muscled Mike “doesn’t do cardio” so found the burpees and kettle bell swings challenging – so we helped him get the last few done. But he was a champ on the goblet squats and chin ups.

I had so much fun. This was a great way to do something a bit different and meet some new people. Very Tall Tim is also doing the City2Surf and optimistically said “see you there!” – we told him to look out for us crawling over the finish line while he is sipping his 3rd beer.

Our Team

Our Team with Krissy Mae

Afterwards, sis and I went shopping at Target and then finished the day with a half marathon at the Bay Run. But that is another story.


Don’t mean to brag, but we are freaking awesome.