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Project: Nails

I got a shellac pedicure this evening. I sporting about 10 whole days of nail and it feels great to be attending to my hands in a mature and reasoned fashion. E.g. Not absently gnawing but deliberately caring for them.




I have now gone SEVEN DAYS without so much as an absent-minded nibble on a cuticle. As a reward/motivator, I am treating myself to a quick mani every week until I se progress. 


Nails pre-mani on Saturday


I had planned to go get a mani on Thursday evenings on the way home from work, but it didn’t work out this week, so I planned it for Saturday. All was going according to plan, except that my partner needed to have a midday snooze so I took my daughter along. It was going well. She was so well behaved and we were playing a little imagination game… until she did an unexpected swan-dive off a swivel chair while my nails were not quite dry. I grabbed her (and in the process ruined one nail).

We left soon after that. 

On the plus-side, it has been SEVEN DAYS since I bit a nail. SEVEN. Even if one nail is missing polish.