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My experience at the benefit brow bar

I went to the benefit brow bar at Myer on Monday afternoon. No appointment necessary.

I rocked up at about 5:10pm, put my name on a list and browsed cosmetics for about 3 minutes until a lovely girl noticed me and beckoned me to take a seat.

I was apprehensive about sitting in the open getting my brows plucked and waxed. I was excited by all the he awesomely packaged products on display. It was like stepping into a wonderland – makeup sets in books, perfumes in gritty urban doll houses, and a general atmosphere of naughty pinup girl style. By the time I sat down, I was already feeling pampered by the atmosphere that the marketing created.

Jana talked to me about what I wanted, told me what she planned to do, and I agreed. Its a small thing, but important, for your stylist to actually ask how you want to look. I had been doing my own brows, but sort of butchered them, so I went in with some specific requirements. I wanted something arch, but not crazy-1980s-hairdresser style.

She went to work, using a soft silky wax and raw cotton strips. It wasn’t as painful as an eyebrow wax usually is. I asked how long Jana had been working that day – she was on the 10 to 7 shift. That’s a lot of eyebrows! She was able to talk to me about the bits of my brows that were uneven and needed to fill out a bit. We tried on a brow grooming kit, but I couldn’t really see the difference. I guess that is the point – something subtly filling in the details. But as the benefit offering was $55 I decided against buying it. I can find something cheaper to experiment with!

Overall, I did enjoy the brow bar experience. It was fun, frivolous, high on the specialized eyebrow knowledge, and low on the pain scale.


Result – a clean arch
Price tag – $27
Verdict – worth it