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Anyone who has kids will know how important routine is. And also how quickly a routine can change. Tonight marks a fairly positive change in our routine.

It’s ten to nine and BOTH KIDS ARE IN BED.

I’m so excited I can barely implement my #14daysleep rules.

We have been going hard all day long, lots of emotionally exhausting stuff. Lots of hitting and pushing. Lots of tanties over Lego. All the usual stuff that happens underfoot while I am trying to get tomorrow’s food organized and manage the washing around the hot, muggy atmosphere and sudden rain. Right now I feel so exhausted! Sore feet, zombie-like shuffling and very unsettled lower back muscles. And I can’t even eat a liter of ice cream to wash away the frustration!

Tomorrow is a new day. Time to settle in to bed.


Fashion wins and fails

My Mothers Day Classic gear arrived on Friday! I got a t-shirt and some sweat bands (with handy zip pocket – yay!) Not knowing the future, I ordered a big size. And hey, my breasts are always bumping me up a size in upper body garments. When I tried on my size 16 pink shirt – IT WAS TOO BIG. So that is a simultaneous win and fail. By the time the MDC comes around I am going to be gathering that t-shirt in at the seams.


On Friday I was sauntering through Big-W, and, like thousands of other women, insouciantly stopped by the OneActive Michelle Bridges sportswear section. I picked up a white long sleeved running top in a 14, expecting it to be warm and formfitting for morning and evening runs. When I got home I discovered IT WAS TOO BIG. Another fashion #winfail. Its still a good shirt, and served me well underneath my shell jacket when I went for my run that evening.

These are pretty good Non-Scale Victories (even if they do mean I have baggy t-shirts!)

I am currently trying to work up the motivation to get out there and run so that I can record more NSVs, but I am finding it difficult. The #14daysleep has not been going well, and I am feeling somewhat behind the 8-ball. As the day drags on, it is just going to get worse and I will become more and more antsy and bleagh. TIME. TO. MOVE.

Need sleep

I did not get to bed or to sleep on schedule last night.

This morning I woke up with the alarm, but then snoozed a bit.

Then I got out of bed but just did a kind of zombie shuffle around the house for 20 minutes without realizing that I was wasting valuable time. The effect of this is that I had to postpone the running component of today’s workout until this evening. Not a disaster, but a setback. Instead if going into the day with a halo of 300 to 400 calories burned sitting over my head, I have an exercise debt!

Tonight’s mission: sleep on time*

*mission may be ruined by children and their total sleep-randomness.

Sleep challenge!

The next fornight’s challenge is in bed by 9.30pm and no tapping on the technology from 9pm!


This isn’t strictly going to happen with the kids’ schedule as it is. But I get the gist of it, and think I could make an effort to get into the spirit of this challenge.

I have been getting up a 6 or before, and I am noticing that I need more sleep. I just need to take it.

Night 0: 10.25pm and still watching 12wbt videos and blogging on the iPad. #sleepfail!