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A last hurrah

The last day of “freedom”, so to speak. The last day before we buckle down in earnest pursuit of fitness and weight loss.

I had a morning off from being with the kids while they went to a birthday party. So I went to get my last lot of pantry basics, some ramekins and a pedicure.

The pedicure was fairly successful, but things went downhill from there. I went to Big W for ramekins, and stopped by the workout gear section to check out the MB range. I picked up a cheap crop top and then saw an awesome slogan t-shirt. “I wonder if they have that in my size? Oh, maybe my sister would like one too”. And then I saw another t-shirt, and another one. When I realised that my basket was holding 2 sizes of 4 t-shirts that I had not intended to buy I realised I was infected with shopping crazies. I picked ONE shirt that said “I’m on the run” in my size only, and walked away. It was all I could do to pick out the ramekins and leave alive.

Then the Woolworths I went to wasn’t my usual shopping centre – so I was disoriented by the layout. And there was a constant background sound of many many children engaged in full-tilt tantrums the whole time I was there. No fun when you are trying to track down tamari in a crowded, unfamiliar store. When I made it to the “Express 15 items or less” checkout, a bloke nipped in front of me with fifty punnets of strawberries. Of course the checkout lady had to count them all, twice.

After making it home for a late lunch (pumpkin soup!) my sister and I took the kids to visit a friend who has recently had a baby. She had put on a bit on an entertaining spread for us.  Food-wise, I let myself go somewhat. I sampled a slice of lamington roll, a cheese and spinach triangle, a couple of chips and 4 water crackers with dip. I treated it as a bit of a “last hurrah” before buckling down to the set menu.

A couple of things I noticed.

  • It was really nice to be completely relaxed and not mentally tallying calories for one single afternoon.
  • I felt like I cut loose – but listing everything here makes me realise I was probably fairly restrained.
  • There would have been times I would have had three cheese and spinach triangles and three pieces of cake and a very milky coffee or a juice to wash it down.
  • I’m not actually feeling the best right now. Its tempting to blame the junk food (whether or not it is the cause) and a motivation to keep to the healthier diet.

For dinner I continued the ‘last hurrah’ theme, and made Teresa Cutter Pea Fritters (with regular flour instead of coconut flour). They were quite delicious! I don’t have a photo – that is how delicious they were 🙂

Dessert, which I am enjoying right now, is a cup of lemongrass tea.


Herbal tea for dessert??

When my nutrition plan had a cup of herbal tea in the spot where dessert should be, my first reaction was “why bother”. I suppose for some people having something to fill the spot where dessert would go is important. I admit we got a bit into the habit of pulling out a mini ice cream or a poached nectarine while winding down on the couch after tea.


Last night I went into the garden and snipped off a small bunch of lemongrass and snipped it into little pieces in the teapot. Voila! Herbal tea!

I sipped while cooking, and took a cup to bed with me to sip while I read myself to sleep.

Lemongrass is really refreshing and delicious. I refreshed the water in the teapot and let it steep overnight, so today I am carrying a flask of lightly-flavored lemongrass water. I bet i could make this into a granita or (more diet-friendly) ice cubes.


New scales

I went to Kmart and found a cheap pair of scales. I chose the slightly more expensive set that claims to be able to measure percentage body fat and some other things.


$29 – winning!

I have them set up in the bedroom. The first measurement for weight corresponds with what I expected. It says I have an unbelievable level of body fat – somewhere around 44%. Lets look forward to that one going down over the coming weeks!

Ready to rumble

The menu plans have been released and it feels like that moment when your boxing partner claps the pads together to signal “time to punch the stuffing outta something”. Exciting!

I’ve got some little reservations – I am highly skeptical about my ability to eat that many eggs in a week; and the 10km running program week 1 starts off slow (3km “endurance” run? C’mon!); and how do I fit in my boxing classes?

I will have to work through these few issues as we go. My current feeling is to switch up to 1/2 marathon and stick the 12wbt training on top ofboxing. I may just be suffering temporary insanity,

I’m ready to leap in and smash this 12 weeks.

I think today is Wednesday

Across from our bungalow is a little park and play centre.


Perfect for a morning NTC session. Half an hour to a clean slate. The only worry is what cals to say I burned.


Nervermind. Off for a quick jog.

Morning tea was spent at Pavilion Cafe in Ulladulla – a cafe right on top of the kids gym that gives a free baby cupcake to every child.


We made it for coffee happy hour and scored $2.50 coffees that were not too shabby.


I admit to having 2 bites of raisin toast but I passed my Hershey Chocolate Kiss on to the boyfriend. I am feeling pretty saintly right now. After an initial couple of lapses, I’m very happy at how well I’ve held onto the diet and exercise. I even managed to clock 13k steps yesterday. Woo!

I am overdue to weigh myself this week. I might just have to skip one weigh in as I don’t have access to the awesome tanita scales I was using at work. I think it’s best to stay with the one set of scales if possible. Tomorrow is measure up day, so time to set those benchmarks.

I am looking forward to getting into the program when we get back from holidays. I got a message from Australia post that my HRM is ready to collect when I get back. Just in time to start kicking butt.

Waking up in Ulladulla

Yesterday we landed in Ulladulla – paradise on the South Coast. We are here for 4 nights, with almost nothing planned but unwinding. I have an additional agenda of “get in some exercise and don’t eat too much”.

I was pretty stoked that yesterday FitBit clocked me at of 10k steps – despite spending a considerable amount of time in the car.

Along the way we stopped at the Aviation Museum in Albion Park (which is coincidentally where I virtually ran to in January). For lunch I ordered a salad sandwich – no cheese. Omg who is this person?

This morning, waking up in Ulladulla was a treat. Nothing to do, no where to be. As much sleep as I needed!

I went out for my run a bit later than normal – about 8.15am – but that’s what holidays are right??

Breakfast 1 – whole meal toast, half a latte
Exercise: 5km run, quite slow, around the bungalow park and out across the highway twice around a lovely lakefront park.


Breakfast 2 – cornflakes, milk, other half a latte

Here is the view from our bungalow. Z calls it “my little tree house”.