About the Melee

The melee is a crazed, confused rush of battle, a place where all participants struggle and anything can happen. There is no battle plan, and plans can be made and broken in a second. You might be strong, you must be flexible. The melee is knights swinging swords on the field, it is being surrounded at the end of a zombie movie, and it is succeeding at all the sucky things in every day life. Strength, resilience, determination, and of course – snatching those small moments to catch your breath and rest, to celebrate success before the next onslaught.

Who am i?

I am a mid-30s woman living in Sydney. I’m a working mother of 2 lovely (and terrible) and lovely small children. Sometimes I think I am a walking contradiction. Above all, I like to think myself as being clever with a capacity to achieve.

And 12 months ago, I was fat.

I was always fat. Even when I wasn’t fat, I was either on my way to or from being fat, and felt I had no control over my body.

12 months ago, I decided to stop being a victim. A bout of internal questioning lead to my asking “So, you can’t run, eh…. WHY NOT?” So I downloaded a Couch 2 5k app for my phone and I obeyed that lady whenever she said “start running”. I didn’t try to lose weight… but I tried to be able to run. The first time I ran 2 minutes was a real triumph.

I just kept on running. I joined a diet and exercise program which despite my fears, was FANTASTIC – professional, human and personal. I watched my food, and I ran my ass off. Literally.

This month I ran my first half marathon.

From “dying after 30 seconds to half mara” in under a year.

Yes. You can do it too if you want to. If you don’t want to, that’s OK. Its still nice to meet you.

I’m Melee.


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