A back door back to running

I haven’t felt great about running for some time now. There’s a few reasons, but safe to say we don’t want to get into them!

One of my hopes for boxing is that it is a back door back into running. Boxers skip, and they run. Run to create cardiovascular endurance (beyond the 2 minute round), strip fat and strengthen the legs.

So today I ran. Not for the first time in a while, but certainly the longest run in a LONG while. 7km around the neighbourhood. Not at all fast, but a respectable 6:30 average per km that didn’t feel at all forced. I did a couple of pickups, a jog to the top of a multilevel parking station and some fancy footwork around pedestrians.

Not at all bad!

Arriving back home, I felt tired but as though I didn’t have to stop. That is such a good feeling. Taking it a bit easy, not needing to spend every last cent.