Pink gloves, no thanks darling

I bought new focus pads the other week. I tried on a bunch, trying to find some that had velcro (none did) or a small fit that wouldn’t come off my hands when I catch an angled punch like a hook.

At the close of the sale, the helpful assistant asked “How’s the colour?”.

They were white and black. Not setting the world aflame, but ok. Then, “would you like them in pink?”

My very first reaction was “no one really wants pink”.


I get it that to transition from something ‘feminine’ to ‘masculine’ some people need to bring pink along for the ride. But pink is a colour I’ve never ever related to. Its not my favourite, or even in my first 5 favourites. I’d probably buy gloves in a nice dusky rose, but definitely not in the sickly neon porno-Barbie shade you find them in.

Speaking of porno-Barbie, I’m conflicted by the sexy chick in pink boxing gloves trope.

Ok, she’s hot. Ok, she’s got abs to kill for. She might have a slightly dangerous side and she has the confidence to work out in her knickers. Maybe she is a competent boxer who can score points with tactical precision. 

But who would know? She always seems to be resting or posing wetly next to a piece of equipment instead of ROCKING IT.

Searching for actual female boxers on the other hand brings up a bunch of women who (like the guys) come in different shapes, sizes, hotness and dampness. 

And few of them rock pink gloves. Maybe that’s just because they don’t make competition gloves in pink? 

Probably there is a similar thing going on for the guy side. Not all guys into hitting things look like the rippling whippets you find on gym ads and websites. 

They are yet to get their own glove colour though. 


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