I’ve been talking to a friend about whether boxing is violent or not, or encourages violence outside the sport.

Thinking about it, a lot of sports are violent. The State of Origin wouldn’t be complete without a little biffo. Playing hockey as a girl (I was terrible) – all I remember was girls bashing me with sticks at speed.

Even doing karate, I am not sure anyone would call that violent.

I don’t think I’d like to do MMA – being kicked in the face doesn’t appeal (but I think I could probably deliver a sound backward roundhouse).

Boxers are all padded on their heads and hands. Ok, they whack each other. But so do lots of other sportsmen and women. I think the only reason that marathoners don’t hit people is they are TOO TIRED at the end! Also maybe that the majority of runners only compete against their own limits.

Do you see violence in this video? 

I just see awesome technique, stamina  and skills I wish I could possess.