Sparring sort of

So I am continuing my tour of all the gyms, boxing or otherwise, that will let me get my rock on. Last night I went to a class at a friend’s gym.

This gym is going into the rotation. Even without the classes there is a room with bags I can work on alone on the weekends. 

 A quick run down is … 45 mins of warm up + circuits..i liked the circuits. Heavy bag, light spar  (taps), pad work. Interspersed were crunches etc. Everything ran to boxing rounds. 


I LOVED this bit. I scored a point or 2 and got tagged a lot. 
The thing is that it’s so mentally stimulating. You’re learning in real time and even now I am thinking “what could I have done better? What could I do better next time?”

So good! So much better than just working through combos on the pads. Not that I won’t keep doing that. It is completely necessary to work the drills until they become second nature.