2014 Race Calendar

What have I gotten myself into this year?


9th Feb STS Manly Dam – 7km
Time 1:19. I regarded this as more of a “fast hike” than a run – my first trail run. And I totally stopped to help someone who fell over. I’m pretty much Batman. 


16th March STS Manly Dam – 7km
Time: 1:02:04. Out of a field of 55 women, I finished 15th. Overall I finished 38th. Of women in their 30’s, I finished 7th (and even finished ahead of some women in their teens and 20’s – take THAT, youth! We won’t talk about the women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who totally whupped me). Scrolling through the results, I notice a male/female couple in their 50’s who crossed within 1 second of each other after the 20km race. Awwwwww!


3rd May – Nike She Runs – 10km. Night running, ladies, wheeee!
I had a respectable result – 1 hour and 2 whole seconds, and a really nice night despite the freezing wind.  

10th May STS Kamai Botany Bay – 10km
Beautiful scenery followed by great coffee! Time – 1:23

18th May – SMH Half Marathon
2:20:56, and a VERY TIGHT HIP FLEXOR


1 June (not yet registered) – there is a local 3.5km run that I want to take my daughter on…

13th June – Glow Worm Tunnel Half Marathon

July to December

It seems to be a complete blank…rest, recuperation, not much else!


31 August – Woronora Dam 20km Trail.
Came in last – 2:50:13.9 – great morning!


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